Killen Community Residents Group are contacted for numerous issues in the local area, and it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of status' as some projects may last months or even years.

Below you can find a list of our projects, and their status.

Title Description Status Last Updated
Public Bins Initial request for public bins to be installed in Killen

Complete N/A
Public Bins Relocation The installed location of public bins was sub-optimal for litter reduction. The bins have now been moved to much better locations for litter reduction.
Complete 06-08-2023
Mobile Phone Issues Ongoing communication with providers regarding mobile phone coverage issues.

Bus Shelter Upgrade Bus shelter was installed and it was highlighted that it was too small and providing very little coverage.
Raised the issue and a replacement bus shelter was installed which is wider.
Unfortunately cannot provide more cover due to the lack of space on the footpath - cannot go deeper as it will take up too much space.

Complete 13-07-2023
Dog Fouling Awareness Ongoing complaints about dog fouling in the Killen area
Signs were made and placed around the area
Dog bag stations were placed around Killen for residents to use should they forgot their own dog bags
Awareness was raised by social media posts and flyers
A definite reduction in the amount of dog fouling on footpaths has been seen

Complete N/A
Speeding Speeding has been raised as an ongoing issue in Killen
Mountjoy Road and Lisaclare road being the two main danger points
Additional complaints have been raised about speeds within developments, including Coolough Drive and Westclare Court
This issue has been raised with many local politicians and DfI
So far, no progress on getting any further traffic calming measures implemented
Awareness raised at our latest drop-out (Summer 2023)

Ongoing 06-08-2023
Digital Voice Rollout Risks "Digital Voice" phones are disconnected when there's a power cut
Highlighted to BT the risks of this in our area with a combination of regular power cuts, and no mobile phone signal
No reasonable solution has been presented yet

Ongoing 13-07-2023
Postbox Requested a postbox for the Killen area
This request has been approved
Currently processing, estimated to take approximately 6 months to be installed.

Ongoing 13-07-2023
Coolough Drive Road Signage Request for a road sign for Coolough Drive, due to historically not being adopted by road services and not having "official" signage
Sign was approved and installed

Complete N/A
Coolough Drive Irish Language Sign Irish language sign was requested for Coolough Drive and letters sent to households for approval
Council have confirmed this has passed and been approved and is currently being created

Ongoing 13-07-2023
Community Defibrillator Fundraising and donations have been going fantastic for a local life-saving defibrillator
Council meeting held at end of July to agree installation.
Council to get approvals and get back to us.

Ongoing 13-07-2023 
Play Park Sealing Issues with play park equipment coming loose/not sealed around the floor has been reported
No ETA on resolution but it has been agreed to be re-sealed 

Complete  06-08-2023 
Killen Row Road Signage Highlighted by local residents that Killen Row does not have signage. 
Engaged council on this with urgency due to risk of ambulance and medical personnel not being able to find these residents.
Two new road signs installed.

Complete 06-08-2023
Killen Row Google Maps Location Highlighted by local residents that Killen Row does not appear on Google Maps.
Engaged with Google to have location updated and be able to navigate to.
This has been completed and Killen Row is now a location on Google Maps.

Complete 06-08-2023